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Alternative Referrals

You may be visiting our website in order to obtain information about legal resources that may be for-profit instead of not-for-profit. The following legal resources either (1) charge clients reduced fees (also known as “low bono”) or (2) have advised Call for Justice that they take into account a client’s ability to pay when setting rates. We recommend that you talk about fees when you first contact any legal provider. Be sure to obtain written confirmation of the fees (and expenses), too.

NOTE: Legal Professionals who regularly engage in  pro bono or low bono services for low-income clients: we invite you to be listed on our website and in our “Legal Resources Cheat Sheet.” If you have an interest in being listed, please contact us.

Thank you!

Bankruptcy—McShane Bankruptcy LLP
McShane Bankruptcy LLC represents individual consumers in the Twin Cities area in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies.  Attorney fees are adjusted on a sliding scale based on income.  The first consultation is free.  For more information, visit the website at, or call 612-405-4033.

Criminal Defense—Criminal Defense Services, Inc.
Criminal Defense Services, Inc. (CDSI) is a resource exclusive to Ramsey County with a panel of 20-25 private volunteer attorneys that provide legal services to poor and low income criminal defendants. Cases are limited to: Petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, certain low-level felony offenses. Those who do not qualify for a public defender are given an initial consultation by a scheduled volunteer attorney to determine if they may qualify for CDSI. There are specific financial guidelines to determine who qualifies for these services, and those who qualify to become CDSI clients pay a reduced rate (well below the rate of a private attorney) for legal representation.

Elder Legal Needs/Real Estate/Will/Medical Needs—Estate & Elder Law Services, VOA-MN/WI
Estate & Elder Law Services, VOA-MN/WI works with individuals to help clients plan for the future. Attorneys assist clients with issues including wills, trust, estate planning, guardianship, medical assistance planning, real estate matters and more. Private pay rates are $225/hour, Basic Will $300, Basic Trust $1,200. Certain individuals may qualify for subsidized services on a sliding fee scale. Learn more by calling 612-676-6300 or email

Employment, Civil Rights, and Health Records Privacy—Law Office of Joshua R. Williams
The Law Office of Joshua R. Williams helps employees who have experienced unlawful employment practices such as discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation (e.g., for taking leave, reporting discrimination, or blowing the whistle on illegal conduct). They also sue police officers for using excessive force. Finally, they enforce patients’ health records privacy rights when health care providers release patients’ health records to a third party without the patient’s consent. You can schedule a free case evaluation at or call (612) 486-5540.

Employment and Consumer Law—Halunen & Associates
Halunen & Associates offers a free, confidential consultation to prospective clients, which means that you can get important questions answered without any risk or any expense. If the firm believes it can help, they will explain what your options are and allow you to decide on your next move. Additionally, Halunen & Associates provides services in Spanish. Call 612-605-4098 for more information or to make an appointment.

Family LawHeltzer & Houghtaling
Heltzer & Houghtaling is a private firm focusing on family law and providing specialization in issues facing same sex couples. They offer reduced fee services based on income. Call 651-330-8508 to speak with an attorney or to schedule an appointment.

Family Law and Social Security—Cooper & Reid, LLC
Cooper & Reid, LLC is a full-service law firm focused on family law issues and social security disability claims. The firm operates a sliding-scale fee model which allows clients of modest means affordable legal representation. The attorneys at Cooper & Reid, LLC are experienced family law attorneys and social security claim representatives. For a sliding-scale fee rate quote or to determine if your legal issue is appropriate for Cooper & Reid, LLC, call 612-568-4529.

Immigration and Family Law—Eric Richard Law Office
The Eric Richard Law Office is a private law firm focused on family law issues and immigration matters.  The office offers a free initial consultation.  At the end of the consultation the amount of the fee for further services is determined on a sliding-scale basis that takes into account income and the ability to pay of the potential client.  To discuss your family law or immigration matter with an experienced attorney please call 763-270-0492.

Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations—Robertson Law Office, LLC
Robertson Law Office, LLC works solely with nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations to assist them with the tax, regulatory, governance, and unique business challenges they face.  Consultations are free, and fees are on a sliding scale based on the organization’s annual revenues and tax status.  For more information, please check out, or call 651-336-2287.

School and Education Law—School Law Center, LLC
The School Law Center works on special education problems, including due process hearings, state complaints, mediation, conciliation conferences, informal and formal negotiations and planning. Represent students and families with special education issues including patterns of unfair discipline, academic struggles and failures, transition planning and services for post-high school success, assessment and evaluation needs, and early childhood special education. Additionally, the School Law Center offers assistance in other areas of school and education law. Contact them by calling 651-222-6288, or contact them online.