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December 16, 2015: “Self-Reflection”


It’s year end, which always leads me to self-reflection. Of late, I’ve been thinking about how much Call for Justice, LLC has evolved since we opened our doors four years ago.

Back then, we were set to create a training program for United Way 211 on how to make targeted legal referrals. The C4J “stool” would have another leg too—a telephone hotline staffed by volunteer lawyers who would give legal advice on landlord-tenant law. Our territory would be limited mainly to Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

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January 12, 2015: “Honored and Thankful”

I am thrilled to report that the American Bar Association–yes, that ABA, the mother ship for all American lawyers–has awarded Call for Justice, LLC the Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access! We got word of this award last week and have been floating in the clouds ever since!

The Brown Award is given to honor programs that are dedicated to matching the unmet legal needs of the middle class and those of moderate incomes with lawyers who can provide affordable legal information, services and representation. The Award is presented annually to organizations that have made “creative contributions to the delivery of legal services in ways that are exemplary and replicable.” (Read More)


December 1, 2014: “Happy Birthday to Us!”

Bday RogerToday is our third birthday!

Yes, three years ago today–on December 1, 2011–Call for Justice, LLC opened for business.

True, we weren’t much back then; in fact, all we had was a completely empty conference room in the Greater Twin Cities United Way building in downtown Minneapolis. My office consisted of a folding chair from home; the”desk” was the box in which a brand new printer had arrived; the printer rested on an empty banker’s box. We had no logo, no website, no template, and no road map of any kind. (Read More)


May 29, 2014: “The Information Gap”


We in the nonprofit legal community often speak of the “justice gap”—where a person is unable to connect with lawyers, which then puts at risk necessities like a safe place to live or one’s personal safety or the ability to remain connected to a child or key family member.

We don’t often talk about the “information gap.” Maybe that’s because “information” is too vague, too amorphous, and not readily definable. Yet, let me take a stab at “information.”  (Read More)



April 20, 2014: “A Night with Well-Strung”

Well-Strung 040Whew! Double whew!

That’s all I could think at 9:33 p.m. on April 10 as the crowd dwindled at the Illusion Theater following a magnificent performance by  Well-Strung. It had been a very stress-filled, emotional day on top of similarly stress and emotion-filled weeks leading up to the event.

Still, your Call for Justice staff (all two of us) carried on and I’m delighted to say we succeeded! (Read More)



January 7, 2014: “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”

December 1st marked the second anniversary of our opening as a nonprofit.

Back on 12/1/11, I walked into a completely empty conference room in the downtown Minneapolis headquarters of Greater Twin Cities United Way with a laptop and folding chair from home. Later that day, I bought a printer; the printer box became my desk for the next month until a real desk and chairs arrived.

As the saying goes, “we’ve come a long way baby” since then. (Read More)


September 17, 2013: Busy, Busy, Busy!

Legal Liaison Program Kickoff 031It’s not usually a good idea to start something with an apology, but here goes one anyway: I’m sorry this post is a bit overdue. We’ve been quite busy with a number of things, and I’m afraid that the regularity of our posting has been a victim of our busyness.

There. Now I feel quite better, thank you very much! (Read More)