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Ellie’s Blog: April 22, 2014

“A Night with Well-Strung”

Whew! Double whew!Well-Strung 040

That’s all I could think at 9:33 p.m. on April 10 as the crowd dwindled at the Illusion Theater following a magnificent performance by  Well-Strung. It had been a very stress-filled, emotional day on top of similarly stress and emotion-filled weeks leading up to the event.

Still, your Call for Justice staff (all two of us) carried on and I’m delighted to say we succeeded!

Our first fundraiser not only ended with us in the black, but it helped to increase both our institutional and individual donor bases. Most importantly, the event put C4J on the map–the one recurring word voiced to me in the Illusion lobby post-performance was “home run!”

That night, we reached more than 180 people with our message about helping low-income people bridge the Justice Gap to reach legal resources in times of great need. Indeed, the stress of putting on a fundraiser is nothing compared to what a mother with two children faces when at risk of losing their apartment or health insurance.Well-Strung 064

One other word stands out from the fundraiser–passion. The event reinvigorated our passion about closing the Justice Gap in the Twin Cities. I’m happy to say that as a result of our efforts that night, there now are a few more people passionate like us.

Thanks to our sponsors, our board, and all of the volunteers who worked to make the fundraiser a success!


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