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Winning the Louis M. Brown Award

Honored and Thankful

I am thrilled to report that the American Bar Association–yes, that ABA, the mother ship for all American lawyers–has awarded Call for Justice, LLC the Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access! We got word of this award last week and have been floating in the clouds ever since!

Here’s my picture holding the ABA’s official notification letter: 

The Brown Award is given to honor programs that are dedicated to matching the unmet legal needs of the middle class and those of moderate incomes with lawyers who can provide affordable legal information, services and representation. The Award is presented annually to organizations that have made “creative contributions to the delivery of legal services in ways that are exemplary and replicable.”

I’m advised that we were among 30 organizations nominated for the Award. When you take into account that C4J is just a two person operation with a $175K budget, this Award takes on even greater significance. What’s more, I will get an all-expense paid trip to the ABA mid-year conference in Houston in early February to receive the award in person. How cool is that?

I’ve attached the press release (in the link below) that’s gone out describing why we received the Award. Many thanks to our Board of Directors and my colleague, Emily Lindholm, as well as to all of you, for helping us to receive this wonderful recognition. We couldn’t do it without your unwavering support!

 View the C4J Press Release Here

And oh yes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that this would be a great occasion on which to make a tax deductible donation to C4J. It won’t help you for 2014, but you’d have a great start on your ’15 deductions!

Thank you again!


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