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Ellie’s Blog: January 7, 2014

“We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”

December 1st marked the second anniversary of our opening as a nonprofit.

Back on 12/1/11, I walked into a completely empty conference room in the downtown Minneapolis headquarters of Greater Twin Cities United Way with a laptop and folding chair from home. Later that day, I bought a printer; the printer box became my desk for the next month until a real desk and chairs arrived.

As the saying goes, “we’ve come a long way baby” since then.

C4J's First Office Space

C4J’s First Office Space

In twenty-four months, we’ve created a legal referral training program for United Way 2-1-1 from the ground-up. Later this month, we’ll conduct the 17th training session for United Way 2-1-1. As you’ll see elsewhere in this newsletter, our 2-1-1 training program has attracted national attention.

Of equal importance, we’ve become a crucial convener of nonprofit legal and social service providers and a key facilitator of collaborations that increase civil legal access for low-income people. We’ve used our imagination and energy to connect organizations and broadcast various relatively unknown Twin Cities legal resources.

In the process, we’ve watched the numbers. YouTube views of our 2-1-1 training videos have gone through the roof–they’re increasing at the rate of 30 percent a month! Visits to our website are increasing, too. Along the way, we’ve nearly doubled the number of “Friends of Justice,” people who directly contribute to Call for Justice.

As we begin our third year of operations, we’ve stepped up our direct fundraising. Thus, please mark your calendars that April 10th will be our first ever fundraiser–an evening with the quartet, Well-Strung. This promises to be a unique and not-easily-forgotten night!

Our thanks to everyone who has supported Call for Justice these past two years. We look forward to doing much more to connect low-income people with legal resources in the coming years!


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