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Ellie’s Blog: Sep 17, 2013

September 17, 2013: Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s not usually a good idea to start something with an apology, but here goes one anyway: I’m sorry this post is a bit overdue. We’ve been quite busy with a number of things, and I’m afraid that the regularity of our posting has been a victim of our busyness.

There. Now I feel quite better, thank you very much!

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Seriously, it’s been quite a year so far–we’re about to conduct our 15th training session for United Way 2-1-1; we’ve transitioned Programming Content Managers (Jillian Chmiel has moved on to teach English in South Korea, and Emily Lindholm joined Call for Justice in late July); I attended the Equal Justice Conference in St. Louis; and we spent several months finalizing data and content for our very first outcomes report, which seems to be taking on a bit of a life of its own (see below).

All the while, we’ve attended countless stakeholder meetings aimed at increasing civil legal access, and have continued to grow our network of key personal relationships which will help foster future collaborations and projects. Additionally, we’ve also been significantly under-budget on spending (your) money.

Whew. Not bad for a two person operation that’s only been around since December, 2011.

But we’re not angling for a break. Instead, we’re gearing up to do more. For example, in collaboration (we like to collaborate!) with the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged Committee and the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Delivery of Legal Services Committee, Call for Justice will put on a CLE aimed at expanding knowledge about relatively unknown Twin Cities legal resources. That will happen just as we begin ramping up to fundraise for the fourth year of our program.

In twenty-one months of operation, I think we’ve shown the value of imagination, hard work, luck, personal relationships, and simple old fashioned passion. We look forward to continuing our good work and to making a difference for low-income people in search of legal resources to protect basic human needs.