Bridging the Justice Gap
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The Lavender Lawyer Initiative


In March 2013, the Minnesota Lavender Bar Association launched “The Lavender Lawyers, ” a project with volunteer LGBT lawyers who work with at-risk LGBT youth ages 10 to 18. The lawyers provide pro bono (no charge) services on a variety of legal matters, including:

  • – Guardianship, emancipation and custody
  • – School bullying and harassment/safe place issues
  • – Police harassment of transgender youth (false claims of prostitution)
  • – Expungements
  • – Identity theft
  • – Minor criminal matters

Originally, this program began by working with The Bridge for Youth, the Youth Law Project of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid and The Arise Project, an initiative of Greater Twin Cities United Way. Call for Justice, LLC facilitated creation of the program.

Now, The Lavender Lawyers (in collaboration with the Youth Law Project) are expanding to other youth-based programs which serve both at-risk LGBT and non-LGBT youth with legal needs.