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LawHelpMN & Minnesota Legal Advice Online

If you want to get started on figuring out your legal problem, we recommend that you first go to, an interactive website that identifies what resources exist for many different legal problems. The site provides both explanatory summaries of how to deal with certain legal problems—such as tenants’ rights—and forms that the user can download. The site walks the user through the process of completing some simple forms—such as a letter to a landlord or to a credit card company threatening to sue. Additionally, the website offers online chat with a knowledgeable agency employee to assist in navigating the system.

What won’t do is give you access to a live body. For that, you’ll need to contact the other resources listed.

Minnesota Legal Advice Online

A vital component of the Twin Cities legal resources scene, Minnesota Legal Advice Online (“MLAO,” is revolutionizing the ability to access legal advice anywhere, anytime! This web-based platform offers clients the ability to ask questions about civil legal matters (MLAO will NOT answer any questions relating to criminal law, or something that you could go to jail for), which will then be answered via online messaging by volunteer attorneys.