Bridging the Justice Gap
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Quick Survey: April 2014

A 10 question “quick survey” by Call for Justice, LLC has revealed a significant knowledge gap relative to Twin Cities and greater Minnesota legal resources.

The April 10, 2014 survey was conducted at Call for Justice’s fundraising event at the Illusion Theater. Thirty-five event attendees (approximately 20 percent of all attendees) completed the survey. A little less than half of the respondents were from the legal community; the remaining respondents self-identified as being from business, education, social services and “other” occupations.

Among the survey results was that only 11 percent of respondents understood the disparity between available Legal Services attorneys to serve low-income people versus the ratio of private practice attorneys to paying clients (e.g. one Legal Services attorney for every 4,022 low-income persons versus one private practice attorney for every 365 potential paying clients).

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