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Success Stories


Call for Justice, LLC has celebrated almost four years of successful programming, United Way 2-1-1 training sessions, and innovative Twin Cities collaborations. Below are “first hand” accounts by those who have found Call for Justice’s presence in the community valuable.


Q1CC4J’s Legal Liaison Program

  • “An insightful way to learn about the great work being done in our community, and an opportunity to connect with the people doing it.  All in an atmosphere with just the right balance of formal and fun.  I’m a believer in the Legal Liaison Program!”
  • “I met [a Legal Liaison] at a Call For Justice meeting and was very impressed with the services that are available to people raising a relative’s children.  We see many grandparents and aunts/ uncles caring for relatives young children…We offered our first clinic in August…The clinic was well attended and plans are now in the works to start a Support Group south of the river.”
  • “These programs are of value – I learn so much and meet so many interesting and informative people – I certainly hope they will continue…During the networking I spent a considerable amount of time with [a Legal Liaison] and learned about all of the advantages of [United Way] 2-1-1 – many that I did not know… I always come back and report to my superiors and as I mentioned before we have used the contacts I have made a few times – always successfully.”


C4J’s “I Didn’t Know That!” Annual CLE/Seminar on Relatively Unknown Civil Legal Resources

  • Thank you very much for an insightful and informative CLE today. Not only will it help me in my future legal practice, but also as a clerk at the Hamline Law Library where we occasionally get patrons looking for legal resources like the ones discussed today.”
  • “I thought the [Relatively Unknown Twin Cities Legal Resources] seminar was outstanding!  Great job by everyone!  I shared the information when I returned to the office and all were impressed with the content and plan on using the information to better serve their participants.”
  • “I would have to say that the entire CLE was one of the most worthwhile CLE’s I have been to in a very long time.”
  • “Thank you for [the] legal resources ‘cheat sheet.’ I am an intern at Tubman at the Chrysalis location and I have been using the Call for Justice Cheat Sheet all the time for legal services referrals.  The seminar your agency put on was fantastic!”


Unique C4J Projects & Collaborations

  • “I have a bookmark for your website’s list of clinic resources. I have found it valuable for printing out information for library patrons when they are trying to find a legal clinic for their needs.”
  • “I came across your site whilst researching for my dissertation. It isn’t due until early next year but your [Legal Resources Cheat Sheet] page has been a really useful resource and the information on your site has helped with my research.
  • I just wanted to tell you that you rock for putting this together! I can’t tell you how valuable [C4J’s list of volunteer interpreters] is to my work.”
  • “I am writing to express our gratitude for the work of Call for Justice…The families of Jeremiah Program—young single mothers determined to create a life of independence and self-sufficiency for themselves and their children—are the beneficiaries of Call for Justice initiatives in 2012…Call for Justice is marshaling the talent and capacity of our legal providers to streamline processes and solve issues…Thank you again for creating this powerful network and advocacy within the Twin Cities.”

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