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The Call for Justice Model

We’ve received a number of calls and inquires about how the “Call for Justice Model” came about; how it works; and how to replicate it.

Although C4J was established as a stand-alone 501(c)(3) program, replicating the legal referral training program doesn’t require creating a separate organization. Instead, replication is possible if a bar association provides coordination between volunteer attorneys and legal/social service providers. For the most part, a training manual can be created from existing written resources maintained by a bar association or state court system. A creator needs only to understand what nonprofit legal (and related social service) programs exist. Some familiarity with program eligibility criteria would be helpful, but it isn’t essential.

The key to replicating C4J’s Legal Liaison Program is recognizing the special role of a convener. It’s rare to have multiple legal and social service providers meet for the sole purpose of getting to know each other; usually, such “mixed meetings” are organized around a particular training topic or purpose. Thus, for any LLP to work, communication as a value unto itself is paramount.

Additionally, success requires both consistency and relationship-building. Thus, regular communications between the convener (e.g., the “L-Mails” that C4J sends out) constitute added value for those in the program.

Relationship-building is important because it enables the convener to gain insight into how various programs operate. This, in turn, forms a basis for suggesting or facilitating collaborations and other joint endeavors. Moreover, since the underlying goal of a LLP is to increase legal resources, the person/organization acting as a convener must have excellent relationships with nonprofit legal providers, as well as with traditional law firms (which can be sources of pro bono and low bono attorneys).

Because of the time-intensive nature of convening in general, creating an effective Legal Liaison Program likely would require a stand-alone organization or a person dedicated to creating an LLP within an existing organization.

We are happy to speak about the Call for Justice Model; feel free to contact us by telephone or email. We’d even be willing to travel to speak about our program and how it can be replicated.

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