Family Law

A Man Tickling His Son

Preparing for a Custody Battle: 6 Tips Worth Keeping In Mind

No one gets married intending to get divorced. But, unfortunately, divorces happen. If you find yourself in the midst of a divorce and you have children, you will have to…

A stressed man, with his hands on his head, worried about a crashed car

An Employer’s Guide to Handling an Employee Caught Drunk Driving

• Understand your state laws and policies surrounding drunk driving to ensure you handle the situation correctly.  • Take swift action to ensure you follow applicable laws and regulations, which…

a prison

Criminal Justice Reforms Set to Ease Prison Overpopulation

Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah has some of most overpopulated prisons in the U.S., but recent prison reforms are changing things. Federal prisons, State prisons, and local…

Should You Sue or Not Following an Accident?

Should You Sue or Not Following an Accident?

Each day, different types of accidents happen all over the world. Some are fatal, while others only cause property damage. The victims of these accidents have to deal with many…

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