Civil Law

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Did Someone Just Steal My Song? Learn More About Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights allow an owner to deter another party from copying work or a design, using someone else’s invention or logo, and passes it off as his own for gain. Let’s…

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Managing Business Disputes: 5 Best Practices

Many laud entrepreneurship as the driver of innovation and progress. And while there’s no doubt that businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in our economy, the truth is that…

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Negligence Liability: Who Becomes Accountable for Sustaining Injuries?

An individual can get hurt in a variety of different ways. Whether this can come because of a person’s fault, or a vehicular accident without anyone to blame, injuries can…

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Why do you need a specialist sexual offence solicitor?

A sexual offence allegation can be one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences in one’s life. If you have been placed under arrest or called in for questioning for…

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