Intellectual Property

An old man with a neck brace talking to a lawyer in an office

Tips for Suing a Big Company for Negligence

• Research your legal rights and consult an experienced lawyer to understand the complexities of a negligence case. • Understand the principles of negligence, Statute of Limitations, causation, and damages…


Ask What I Can Do for My Community: Purposeful Work Through Volunteering

In today’s productivity-driven world, we sometimes struggle to find the meaning of it all. Despite the work we do, it can feel like it doesn’t matter in the big picture.…

accident concept

Teaching Teenagers What to Do After an Accident

If you have a teenager at home who has recently got a driver’s license, then you must worry. A study has found that car accidents are the number one cause…

frustrated and sad couple in opposite sides of a living room couch

How To Build the Right Support Network in Marital Problems

Seek professional help, such as marriage counselors, therapists, and divorce lawyers.  Connect with support groups to access resources, express feelings, and increase social connections.  Find a trusted friend or family…

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