Bridging the Justice Gap
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Our Mission

To improve access to justice by connecting low-income people to existing legal resources, in partnership with other legal service providers.

We seek to accomplish our mission in several ways.

First, we strive to open access to the civil legal system for low- and moderate-income individuals and families by utilizing innovative strategies. One important component is collaborations with existing legal service providers and legal referral sources.

We also believe in old fashioned communicating–that phenomenon where people actually talk to each other. We’ve learned that talking helps connect dots. In a system where many dots–organizations and individuals–find it difficult to connect, we think that human contact (via telephone or in person) can make all the difference.

Finally, we’re working to close the Justice Gap–the place where people become caught when they can’t obtain legal assistance to protect life’s basic necessities like housing, healthcare, family relationships, and employment.

Because justice first requires access.

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