Bridging the Justice Gap
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Call for Justice

The mission of Call for Justice is to improve access to justice by connecting low-income people to existing legal resources, in partnership with other legal service providers—because justice first requires access.

Our primary goal is to effectively reduce and ultimately eliminate the “justice gap” between those in need of free or low-cost legal help, and those who provide that help.  We strive to think creatively and “outside the box” to better use existing resources while also working to expand and improve those resources.

First, through our Legal Liaison Program, C4J trains social service providers statewide on how to make effective referrals to the array of available legal resources on behalf of their clients.  This “train the provider” model avoids duplication and leverages existing resources while maximizing impact through transfer of knowledge from providers to people in need.

Second, C4J provides referrals to callers from around the state seeking legal resources.  We are a statewide clearinghouse of all available legal resources of all forms, ideally positioned to provide targeted, expert referrals to an array of resources.  We keep careful metrics on incoming calls, and know that, for example, of 552 calls received as of December 2016, two-thirds of calls came from within the metro area, and the legal matters most commonly asked about (family/custody and housing) mirror national data on the justice gap as reported by the Legal Services Corporation.

Third, C4J innovates new ideas and ways of delivering legal resources, and facilitates collaborations among legal service providers and communities in need.  Our key position spanning both social service and legal service sectors allows us to identify gaps and opportunities for partnership, then to catalyze effective collaborations.  C4J believes in the power of connecting, communicating, and collaborating to best resolve the complex problems people face.  At best, we are conveners; we bring people together to learn and connect for the best interests of low-income people seeking justice.

Because justice first requires access.

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