If you’ve ever had a post removed or muted by Instagram or Facebook before, chances are your content has copyright issues. Both IG and FB are notorious for muting videos especially if they have feature music, whether it’s in the heard subtly in the background or one of the main elements of your video.

You wouldn’t want to get in a legal mess where you will need mediation and arbitration services over an Instagram or Facebook post now, do you? So we have listed below a few tips to help you avoid those IG and FB copyright strikes.

6 Ways to Avoid Getting Copyright Strikes on Facebook and Instagram

1. Be familiar with Copyright laws

You don’t need to be an expert on the topic. You just need to know enough about what is and what’s not a violation. It might also be good if you familiarize yourself with the Fair Use Policy because it is not an excuse to use content however which way you want to.

2. Read the Copyright Policies of Facebook and Instagram

Additionally, it is best if you also read up on Facebook and Instagram’s copyright policies. While both sites’ guidelines are very similar, there are a few differences that you could find will work to your advantage. Know what are within bounds for each site so you don’t encounter deletion of your posts, especially if you’re using the platforms to promote your business.

3. Don’t post anything you didn’t create.

As a rule of thumb, don’t post anything you didn’t create. Neither should you take credit for something that’s not yours, to begin with. Although Facebook and Instagram will not claim copyrights on your creation, they can still ban your account if you were found to have posted content that contains material you don’t own.

4. Give attribution to the creators or the source.

Another thing you should always observe when posting content is that if you use a material that’s not yours as part of your content, always attribute it to the source or the creator of the material. Attribution is a sign of respect and goodwill to the artist.

5. Be mindful of background music when you’re streaming.

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Sometimes when people stream videos on IG or FB, they later find their videos missing even if they didn’t really violate any copyright laws. In these cases, it is usually what’s heard in the background that gets videos removed. When streaming or recording videos, be wary about any audio playing in the background as they can cause deletion of your post.

6. Learn how to use Appeal Forms

Sooner or later, if you’re not careful with your posts, you will find that you’re missing a few posts on your timeline. If you’re mindful about the things you post, giving extra thought about copyright issues, then the removal would only be a mistake. You can reverse the decision by filing an appeal to FB and IG. Just make sure you have all the necessary information on hand as you fill out the appeals forms.

So the next time you post something on Facebook or Instagram, make sure that you give careful thought to your posts to avoid the headaches and inconveniences brought by their copyright policies.

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