You’re on the road minding your own business when the unexpected happens. An irresponsible driver fails to brake in time to prevent a collision and you got roped in with the mix. You’re wearing your helmet, and fortunately, you have not been seriously harmed.

It may be something you can walk away from, but that doesn’t mean you should. Here are some things you need to do after a motorcycle accident:

Report the Incident

It’s too early to tell whether you are completely unharmed in the incident. You may appear physically fine at first glance, but until a doctor has conducted a thorough examination, you will not know for sure. It’s best to report the incident so it will be easy to prove that you have been hit and it might be how you sustained injuries later on.

Should things come to that, your motorcycle accident lawyer can easily pull up the report of the incident in Salt Lake City, something they cannot do if you decided to just let the accident slide.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your motorcycle may not be as lucky as you and may have sustained some scratches. Even if it’s not enough to warrant immediate repairs, do your part and report the accident to your insurance company. They expect transparency and honesty when it comes to situations that affect the item insured.

In this case, there might be some discrepancies in the state of the motorcycle if it becomes involved in another accident and this discrepancy may earn you their ire. You might also seem suspicious if you decide not to inform the insurance company about a potential claim.

Call Someone to Drive You

Person texting after an accidentFor minor accidents, drivers can just walk away unharmed and make it home safe. Is it worth the risk? As mentioned, you may not be aware of internal injuries or concussions sustained from the accident. Even if you have not been seriously hurt, continuing to drive in your condition may only put your life in even more danger. Be safe and call someone to drive you home after the police have thoroughly documented the situation. You can have the vehicle towed home, where you and it can both be safe and under close observation.

Consider Going to Therapy

This is not compulsory but it is highly recommended, especially if the accident has affected you in some way. Do you find yourself being overly cautious when driving? Do you refuse to drive at all? Do you have nightmares about the accident?

Even a minor accident can have a lasting impact on your mental health, but you can get help for it. Your life was put at risk and if one thing has been changed in the situation, you may have ended up in a worse situation. Don’t let this hang over you for a long time when it can be processed and put to rest by going to therapy.

You’re a careful driver, but you may still be involved in an accident. Respond to it in a smart way to protect yourself from long-term repercussions.

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