Finding good childcare we can trust is so important for our peace of mind. But what happens when that trust is broken? Unfortunately, daycare abuse does occur, ranging from neglect to physical or sexual abuse. As caring parents, it’s our job to pursue justice and protect other children from harm. Here are some legal avenues you can take if your child is a victim of daycare abuse.

Report It to the Authorities

First and foremost, any suspected abuse at daycare should be reported immediately to the police and child protective services. This creates an official record and starts an investigation into the allegations. Make sure to document everything your child says and any signs of harm. Photos of injuries can also help support the claims. Your documentation will aid authorities in building a case against the abuser.

Contact a Specialized Law Firm

In addition to alerting officials, get in touch with a daycare abuse law firm. An experienced attorney can advise you on the best legal strategy and options to hold the daycare accountable. This includes helping you file a civil lawsuit against both the abuser and the daycare itself. The goal is to seek justice and monetary compensation for the trauma your child endured. A supportive team of legal experts will fight tirelessly on your child’s behalf.

Prioritize giving details about your specific case, as well as your particular worries or concerns about the suit. A renowned group of attorneys will provide you with the information you need and answer your questions.

Explore Licensing Consequences

Your lawyer can also help look into any licensing or regulatory consequences against the daycare. Most states require daycares to be licensed, which can be suspended or revoked if abuse allegations are substantiated. Filing complaints with childcare licensing bodies and advocating for investigations into the daycare’s practices could prevent future abuse of other children.

Our kids deserve to feel safe and cared for every time we drop them off at daycare. Don’t let daycare abuse go unaddressed. According to the NFHS, on average, 120 catastrophic injuries and medical conditions, approximately 45 fatal, occur annually among high school, middle school, and collegiate participants. If you suspect that your child was abused at daycare, call a daycare abuse law firm to schedule a consultation.

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