Now that you’ve decided to move to Australia, permanently, you’re going to have to start the process right away. Australian immigration law is a highly-complex, drawn-out process—which is why it’s vital to seek counsel from a law firm specialising in immigration law in the Townsville area or wherever you are.

So, we won’t discuss here the 101 reasons you’ve decided to make Australia your new home; after all, there’s a lot to love about Australia. Whatever your reason may be, here are some things you need to know about immigration law in Australia.


There are several avenues available to those who want to live in Australia. But in all of these, you need the professional services of immigration experts, for you to be successful.

The Employer-sponsored Pathway.

 Work opportunities abound in Australia, in different industries. If you’ve found an employer who’s approved to nominate a skilled worker for residency, there are stringent sponsorship requirements you must first meet. First is the two-part application process that falls under the Employer Nomination Scheme. Then, all applicants must satisfy the English language competency level as well as be assessed as having adequate skills to meet the employer’s standards. For areas outside of major city centres, there is the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. Your immigration lawyer can help you with this.

The Skilled Pathway.

In order to go this route successfully, you need to have the proper qualifications, significant work experience and sufficient language ability to obtain a skilled migrant visa. There are a lot of work opportunities in various industries. Some of the jobs listed are computer network and systems engineer, software and applications programmer, chief information officer, multimedia specialist, engineering manager, chief executive director, sales and marketing manager, public relations manager, HR manager, supply and distribution manager, teachers in various levels and of various disciplines, natural and physical science professionals, private tutors and teachers, university lecturers, journalists, technical writers and etcetera.

The Business Pathway.

Opening a business in Australia is possible for a budding or seasoned entrepreneur wishing to migrate on a business visa.  This is a lengthy process, subject to regulations, policies and legislation. Your immigration lawyer will guide you through this process step by step.

The Spouse or Fiancé Pathway.

This is another viable way to earn a permanent residency visa in Australia. First, you must be in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen—either be married to one, engaged, interdependent or in a common-law relationship. This is also open to same-sex partners.

The Significant Investor Scheme.

This is a new program of the Australian government that paves the way for those wanting to stay in Australia by making a sizeable investment. This requires an investment of $5 million, either as direct investment in non-listed Australian companies, state or territory government bonds and Australian Securities and Investments Commission-managed funds (with a mandate for investing in Australia).

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The Student Pathway.

The Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales—these are just a few of the best schools in Australia to study in. If you are interested in studying in Australia, start the process right away with your immigration lawyer.

Indeed, there are many ways for your big Australian dream to come true. Act on your pathway today, beginning with professional legal help, and you will be on step closer to fulfilling your migration to the Land Down Under.

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