There’s a reason why people say that buying a house is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Aside from the big change and upheaval, the various deadlines and paperwork involved can create a web that people find difficult to navigate in a timely manner. Add into that potentially working alongside others in the chain that also need to meet all the targets and tick all the boxes and you have a lot of potential for curve balls.

Fortunately, much of the work of selling a property falls into the hands of an experienced mortgage solicitor, like Saracens Solicitors. They can guide the process and know the pitfalls to watch out for. By anticipating all the usual potential delays, they also free up time and energy for anything that is truly unexpected.

Engage Immediately

A mortgage solicitor cannot help until they have been formally instructed by their client. However, once they have been, they can get going straight away with the paperwork involved. This is why it is important for people to engage a professional as soon as the offer on their house has been accepted.

People can get clear information about fees by talking to their chosen mortgage solicitor. For a standard conveyancing package, they should be able to get an all-inclusive, single price.

solicitor with scale and gavelReturn Paperwork Promptly

There is a fair amount of paperwork associated with buying a house. It can be easy to put this off but, the truth is that it’s easier to just get down to it and get it done. Once completed, the paperwork should be checked thoroughly for omissions and inaccuracies as, if these are picked up at a later date, they can seriously delay the process as the cycle starts all over again.

Other Professionals

Aside from a mortgage solicitor, a house sale also involves a number of other professionals who should be contacted as soon as possible. The first is a surveyor who can value and inspect the property and produce varying degrees of report on the condition.

Other people, like packers and movers, can be contacted later, but it’s best to have them pencilled in so that they are definitely available on the proposed moving date.

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