When married couples finally decide to separate, they have many options to choose from. But before you go on your way and file for a divorce, there is one option that you seriously need to consider: mediation.

In Long Island, there are divorce mediation services available for couples wanting to achieve an acceptable settlement. This is perfect for couples who want to make their separation a less stressful one. This allows both parties to resolve issues, including child custody, visitation rights, child support, and equitable distribution. But why consider divorce mediation if you can simply file a divorce claim in court? Here are some of the best reasons:

You and your ex-spouse can have a better relationship after the split

Mediation allows ex-couples to talk it out and agree on terms on all possible aspects of the divorce. Instead of “fighting” in court, an expert and unbiased third party will act as the mediator. Most mediation cases are successful. You’ll find it easier to end your relationship on a better note since you can resolve issues, making it easier for both parties to co-parent successfully.

It leads to a quicker solution than divorce

If you and your ex-spouse finally make up your mind to separate, you’ll want the process to go as smooth and as fast as possible. If you choose other divorce options, it may not work to your advantage, as some divorce can go on for years. According to New York Post, the longest-running divorce in the U.S. took 21 long years. Of course, many also tagged it as the most bitter divorce. The separated couple had been fighting over their assets for more than two decades. By considering mediation, you can enjoy a faster process, as it can take up to only a few months.

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Mediation is a lot less expensive than trial proceedings

Aside from the fact that a litigation process can take years, it is also usually more expensive than divorce mediation. Since both parties may choose a single mediator, there may be no need for each to hire and appear with an attorney. The mediator will act as the middle man, supervising the negotiation and helping both parties come up with the best solutions to their problems. If you choose to hire an attorney, you won’t have to meet up with them as often. This lowers your bills, thus helping you save money in the process.

Your personal affair is kept private

Divorce mediation allows you to keep the details of your divorce private. When you file a divorce in court, your community is able to catch news of every single detail in your relationship. By saying yes to mediation, only your mediator, the people you choose to share the divorce details with, and your lawyer (if you have hired one) will know.

With the help of divorce mediation, you can achieve a faster, cheaper, and more personal way of finalizing a divorce with your ex. You can keep your personal life private. The best part is that you can resolve issues so that you can successfully work together with your ex, making co-parenting easier.

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