In a quest to keep law and order, the British justice system produces a considerable amount of collateral damage thanks to its long memory. Anyone who crosses the judicial lines and earns themselves a criminal conviction is doomed for life. Like a vengeful ghost, a criminal record hangs over your head, ruining the rest of your life.

That’s why you should treat any criminal charge brought against you as a matter of life and death. Thanks to a good defence team on your side, you can triumph over these charges and have a chance at a good life. With the help of good solicitors in London, you can keep the follies of youth from ruining your life.

A permanent stain

More than 11 million Britons under the age of 30 years have a criminal record, and their lives are worse off for it. Despite having paid their debt to society, they remain marked for a crime they committed decades ago. Once you’ve served time for a criminal offence, you become a marked man. The fact that the gravity of the offence doesn’t matter only serves to complicate matters further.

You’re labelled as an ex-convict, a label that instantly clues everyone that you’re a threat, even when you mean them no harm. The label puts people on guard and encourages them to give you a wide berth. From there on, discrimination and stigmatisation become a staple in your life. Cautious employers run background on just about any open position and won’t onboard anyone with a criminal past.

Widespread discrimination is the stuff of nightmares and makes the life of an ex-convict unbelievably hard. In the eyes of society, a former convict loses not only their credibility, but their humanity as well. No one wants anything to do with you and that makes adjusting to life after prison a herculean effort since you’re all alone.

A dire situation

criminal with lawyer

After spending some time behind bars, ex-prisoners are thrust back into an unfamiliar world. In most cases, your friends and family aren’t willing to provide the much-needed support system. Your criminal background makes it impossible to get gainful employment, piling on the desperation.

The threat of going hungry and sleeping on the streets often force many people to fall back into their criminal ways. The resolve to turn your back on crime can’t measure up your basic survival instincts. And so, begins the downward spiral that ruins the lives of some many ex-prisoners.

Your world is likely to come crashing down if you’re arrested for the second time. The criminal justice system treats you as a repeat offender, a charge that carries stiffer sentences. From there on, you’re now a hardened criminal with a long history of crime.

Given the enormous repercussions that come with a criminal conviction, you should never take chances when facing criminal charges. Instead, you should double down and hire the best solicitors in London to handle your defence. A criminal record is likely to ruin your life as it stays on your record for many years after your jail sentence.

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