Getting arrested is a stressful experience that you may have to go through at least once in your life. When that happens, whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime that you are being charged with, you need to know how to act to prevent further legal penalties that will exacerbate your situation.
Before it happens to you, familiarize yourself with the process. Know how you should act while you wait for the bail bonds service from Salt Lake County, Utah to get you out of jail ASAP.

Be Respectful

During the encounter, keep in mind that you need to be polite and respectful to the police officer. Even when they are being rough, you need to calm down and speak to them in a measured tone. That means no swearing. It is understandable that, especially when you know for sure that you did not break any law, being taken into custody is not a positive experience. You may feel angry for being inconvenienced or being suspected in the first place, but lashing out will not help your case.

Follow the instructions given to you by the police officer so you canavoid being hurt (since they are allowed to use reasonable force during arrest) and make the process easier for you, too.

Answer Basic Questions That They Will Need to Process You

You have the right to remain silent, but you are required to give information that the police needs to process you. That includes giving your name and address details that will go into record. If you have an identification card with you, show it. Refusing to do so might result to you being kept in detention for longer than necessary.

…But Do not Offer More Information

As soon as you arrive at the station, you will be allowed to contact a lawyer. While waiting, do not answer questions regarding the crime you are being charged with.

You have the right to remain silent. Tell the officer respectfully during interrogation that you would like your lawyer to be present. The police may lie and trick you to coerce evidence. Do not fall into the trap and offer any information, even if you think it is not related to the case.

Do not lie, either. Be quiet and wait for your lawyer to give you advice.

Be Nice to Everyone in the Holding Cell

You will be spending 24 hours or less in the station with little to do. Be pleasant and do not antagonize the people who are also in detainment. You do not have to become best friends, but you will not want to get into an argument with anyone.

Everyone is on edge, so an argument may lead to a fight that will get you iot more trouble and lengthen the time you have to spend behind bars. You may speak to someone else, but only if they want to. Otherwise, it is best that you mind your own business.

Do Not Ask for Medical Assistance as Much as Possible

By law, the police is required to provide you the medical assistance while in custody. However, as much as possible, do not claim that you are sick or need medication.

If it is not an emergency, then ask a family member or a friend (you are allowed to contact them) to bring your medicine. Otherwise, the police will bring you to the hospital which means that you may have to spend another day behind bars.

Even if you are innocent, trying to convince a police officer will not do you any good. Call a lawyer and trust the process. You will be out of jail in no time.

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