There’s nothing more devastating than the death of a loved one. Aside from the emotional hardships, family members have to think about the costly funeral arrangements. Families who lost a loved one in a crash caused by an impaired driver may seek legal help to possibly recover both emotional and financial losses.

DUI is a serious problem

Alcohol drinking is one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes, an auto injury attorney in Denver said. In fact, the 2017 data of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed there were 10,874 persons have been killed in fatal crashes caused by drunken drivers nationwide.

That’s nearly 30 deaths every day. In Colorado alone, DUI crashes are a serious concern. Just recently, a vehicle passenger was killed after he got involved in a two-vehicle crash in Colorado Springs.

Reports said the crash took place at the intersection of Academy and Palmer Park Blvd. The fatality was identified as Joseph Tipton, 31. Tipton was a passenger of Vincent Leon Meisman, whom police suspected of alcohol impairment while behind the wheels. Meisman was taken into custody to face vehicular homicide and careless driving charges.

A tragedy like this is devastating especially for the dependents and loved ones of the deceased. Remaining family members have to deal with great financial loss. Funeral arrangement is probably one of the immediate expenses that Tipton family has to face.

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The cost of an average funeral service

In Colorado, funeral planning is “just like buying a car,” an experienced Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado volunteer said. The family needs to compare the prices of funeral packages and fully understand what are the inclusions. A normal funeral package nowadays can cost around  $7,000 to $10,000. Cremation cost, on the other hand, can go around $4,000. Such prices may or may not include graveyard arrangements, depending on the funeral service provider.

Getting legal help may reduce expenses and recover losses

In an event of a sudden loss of a loved one, families are often so shocked about their sudden loss that they find it difficult to think reasonably. Families who’ve lost a loved one in a drunken driving crash may consider getting help from an attorney who has expertise in handling cases of fatal DUIs. They may consider seeking damages from the negligent drunken driver within two years.

A family of a fatal crash may recover most of the expenses related to the incident including medical expenses, services, income loss, and the financial assistance that would have been provided by the deceased loved one to his family. The family may even get financial assistance for the emotional difficulties they suffered from the loss.

It’s a devastating experience to lose a family member. Grieving family members have to deal with costly and complicated funeral arrangements. However, if such loss is caused by a drunken driver, they may consider getting legal assistance to possibly recover financial losses from the person responsible for their loved one’s death.

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