Many couples faced with marital issues remain married because they do not want to drain their finances in divorce. This is largely compounded by the myth that divorce is expensive and will leave you emotionally and financially drained. Divorce, however, can be an inexpensive process when you know what it entails and what you should pay for. It is not as easy as downloading and filling forms and attaching seemingly relevant receipts.

The primary element that makes divorce expensive for some couples is going at it alone. Without a divorce attorney in Murray to help you process your divorce, you will end up paying twice for the same services or paying for things which do not even apply to your case. The following are the typical expenses which apply to divorce.

Attorney Fees

Even if you choose to file your own papers, you will need an attorney at one point or another to file some documents for your divorce or ratify them. It is hence cheaper to have a lawyer handle your divorce from the get go. Attorneys generally charge per hour for their services.

This was generally the highest expense in divorce proceedings in the past. Fortunately, there are now many family lawyers around and hence most firms have relatively low rates for their clients. You should, however, not go for the lowest cost at the expense of the lawyer’s expertise.

Filing Fees

These are the court fees you will pay when filing for a contested or uncontested divorce. Most couples think they do not need to pay for this if their divorce is uncontested, but they are wrong. Divorce filing costs differ from one county to the next but are usually very low. They are meant for your divorce’s paperwork and other court costs among other legal state issues surrounding your divorce.

couple signing divorce papers

Expert Fees

There are various experts which you might need to hire to handle various elements of your divorce. These include real estate appraisers, child custody evaluators, and tax advisors, among others. The experts needed for your case will generally depend on the specifics surrounding your divorce.

Though you might agree on how to handle or divide parenting, property and other elements, expert advice is essential to guarantee you have made the right choices. If you and your ex opt for mediation, you will also need to factor in the mediator’s costs.

Costs of Informing Your Spouse

You should pay a certain amount to the sheriff’ office to ensure your spouse is notified about the divorce. This is known as the serving of divorce papers. If your spouse cannot be found, the sheriff’s office might alternatively opt to publish the divorce notice in local newspapers.

People assume that divorce is only for the rich and those with more than enough money to pay for a lawyer. The above costs, however, should not hinder anyone from filing for divorce regardless of their financial status since they are minimal.

You can also agree on a payment plan which works best for you with the experts in your divorce and the attorney. Divorcing through an attorney’s office is the best choice to free you without denting your finances since you need the money to tide you over after your separation.

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