Driving is a privilege that millions of people enjoy. The fact that there are many Los Angeles car accident attorneys, however, shows how many fall victim to dangers on the road—and other drivers. It’s an especially annoying and inconvenient experience when the accident that befalls you are caused by the negligence of other people. When that happens, you have every right to sue for damages. Here are the most common causes of accidents on the roads that have human causes. The knowledge of this will help guide your response.

Drunk Drivers

It’s a very simple axiom that you shouldn’t drive when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, so many people don’t seem to get that simple rule, and they can cause some of the most common, and in some cases, lethal accidents on the road. The reason for this is very simple, really. When people are drunk, they lose control of their faculties and mental abilities. That can readily cause erratic behavior and certainly impairs the ability to drive competently. Drunk drivers swerve and speed and throw caution to the wind and should be fully liable when they cause damage and harm.

Improper Warnings

Sometimes, the cause of damage and harm can be the road itself. Inadequate signage, road warnings, and traffic signaling are all typical causes of vehicular accidents. This occurs when those responsible for managing the safety of the road don’t post the proper warnings for any conditions that might be risky for drivers. Failure to indicate dangerous turns that might lead to easy road accidents. There are also risks from wet roads that need to be quickly identified. When those warnings aren’t present, they can cause a lot of damage to vehicles on the road.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Apart from the road and other drivers, another common cause of accidents are shoddy work done on cars. It’s extremely rare when this fault is with the original car manufacturer—though it does happen. More likely, the cause arises from maintenance or replacements done by untrained or unaccredited companies and auto shops. People are often warned against doing so, but are still looking to save money. When accidents occur as a result, the shops may be responsible for the outcome, though holding them accountable may be difficult.

Road Conditions

driver stopped by police officer

Finally, the road conditions themselves are a common cause of accidents. When those conditions are caused by acts of God or nature, then it honestly is unfortunate but designating a guilty party would be very difficult. However, when the road conditions are a result of negligence on the part of the city, then there are liabilities that need to be followed up on. It’s important to note when and where the damage occurs as well as what the road conditions were. If you’re able to, take photographs to ensure that you have enough documentation to ensure you win out.

There’s much to enjoy about driving on the open road, but there are also threats that need to be watched out for. If you fall prey to any of these causes, it’s very important that you get what’s due you for the damages. Make sure that you hire a competent lawyer to handle your case to ensure that you find success.

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