“Happily ever after” is one of the biggest myths known to humankind. Happiness cannot last forever, but neither can sorrow. Moments come and go since nothing is permanent. Marriages, too, have ups and downs. But as long as both partners do not give up on one other and remember the phrase, “It’s not you against me, it’s us against life,” they can overcome any challenge.

Nevertheless, if the matter spirals out of control, they are naturally forced to part ways. But it is best for both of them to save the marriage or at least end things on a good note to preserve peace and harmony. Here are a few tricks to help you with that, especially if a child is involved.

Do not rush the process

Think twice before ending your marital life; instead, search for hope. Whatever the reason, try your best to avoid the misfortune since nothing hurts more than regret. Visit a counselor or therapist, try meditation together, read a few books together, or listen to relationship podcasts. Do everything in your power.

Communication is an essential aspect to consider. Discuss the issue, your feelings, your expectations, and so forth. Even if things don’t work out, parting ways is probably the best choice, but do not let the rest of the family suffer.

Make sure kids are not affected

Children are intelligent and can comprehend more than you expect. They, like us, desire a joyful and pleasant home environment. If kids witness you arguing, it will negatively influence them in every sense and may leave them scarred for life. Because of what they have seen, that is, parents fighting, they may grow up being hesitant to commit to anybody. So, it is preferable to file for a divorce rather than continually argue to spare children from the unpleasant consequences.

Stay strong

When breaking the news to kids or elders, both partners have to be team players together. You have to answer their questions, and you have to show them that you two are together, not enemies. So be prepared. It will be one of the most important discussions with your family.

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Stop worrying about the child custody

If divorce is due to the toxic behavior of your partner and you are worried that they will get sole custody of your child/children, do not worry. There are many child support and protection services available throughout the globe. The United States has excellent custody rules and rights for the children themselves. The court sends an inspection team that thoroughly verifies everything about each parent, ensuring which parent is best suited for raising the kids.

Children themselves have many rights in the country. For instance, they have the right to emotional and financial support from both parents. These rights help them take their stand. So, you do not have to worry. Have faith and do everything legally.

Seek support from your loved ones

As you are going through so much, you must seek support from your loved ones, parents, and friends. Stay close to them and accept all the love you can receive. They will help you stay positive and cope with such a difficult phase. Do not force your family to break connections with your spouse; in fact, you should keep in touch with your spouse’s family as well. It is the end of your marriage, but it is not the end of your bond with them. There will be no awkwardness, and things will get smoother for your children.

Responsive co-parenting

Don’t ignore your ex-partner to ensure smooth communication. Do not let your problems come in the way of your separation. Badmouthing about your partner in front of your children or on social media will only lead to the separation becoming a hectic process. It will also impact the life of your children and family members.

It is vital to understand that, after all, you have to work together for a seamless co-parenting journey. Hence, do not let the anger take the best of you. Think twice before saying anything. Take a deep breath and choose the best words according to the situation.  Handling your emotions constructively and respectfully is an essential component of moving ahead on the path toward an amicable divorce.

Consult with a family lawyer

There are multiple dispute resolution approaches where you might not even require a lawyer. However, regardless of the solution, it’s better to consult with a family lawyer. It is not about getting an advantage over your partner but about having complete knowledge of all the possible options before you choose one. The goal is to make an informed decision that helps you reach your end goals.


Life will keep throwing challenges at you, but you have to challenge the challenge itself. Rise like the phoenix you are. With strong self-belief and positive thinking, you can overcome any challenge. When life gives you lemons, garnish them and add some zest.

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